A little letter for my Ex

I hope this reaches you, my past love.

The minute we broke up, I cried like four hours straight and started hating every couple around me. I just wanted to throw stones at them and say “she’s not even staying.” You made me believe that there’s nothing called love. You ruined the way I saw world, you made sure I changed from who I was to who I am. I need to thank you. I could’ve texted you. I could’ve called you. I could’ve got out of my bed and tried to search for you. It’s not that I didn’t, it’s that I couldn’t. Not because of ego, but because I’m so scared. And all I never know why. 

Right now, you will never know what I feel; it’s been years since I’hv heard from you, and I’hv lost hopes. All I want is you to come and tell me where I went wrong so that I can sleep in peace for one night because I haven’t in two years. 

A letter from an insomniac lover struggling for a night where he don’t dream of you anymore. 

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